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Commercial Vehicle Center

Welcome to Commercial Sales!

Chapman Commercial Sales has always prided itself on being big enough to handle the largest fleets & small enough to care of the single truck owner. Every customer is important to us. Located in Northeast Philadelphia, we take care of all your trucking needs; whether it's commercial truck sales, commercial truck rentals, or services we are able and willing to offer our customers a unique commitment to quality and support . . . what they deserve.

Ordering Commercial Vehicles couldn't be any easier, just follow these steps:

Step One:
Choose the Commercial Truck you are interested in.

Step Two:
For Bed Configurations, pricing and options: please email: [email protected] along with the truck that you are interested in from Step One.

Kerry Petratos
Director of Commercial and Fleet Sales

Welcome Business Customers! Our dealership is committed to your business and has a variety of programs and services to help you with your Fleet vehicle and service needs. As a Fleet customer, you and your business are eligible for a number of unique benefits, including unique pricing and incentives, Commercial Lease and financeterms and priority vehicle service. Please contact our Commercial Business Office to speak to a Fleet specialist to confirm your eligibility.

To Become a Ford Fleet Account

To become a Ford Fleet Account you must register for a Fleet Identification Number (FIN Code). As a Ford Fleet customer, you and your company will have access to exclusive benefits, specifically tailored to your Ford Fleet. To see if you are eligible to enroll, please review the requirements below.

Eligibility Requirements

If you are a Commercial, Rental, Fleet Management or Utility Company, you must have purchased, registered or leased 5 or more NEW vehicles (any make or model) in the company name during the current model year or within the last 12 months. OR currently operate a fleet of 15 or more vehicles, any make or model, (owned or leased) in the company name.

If you are a Government Agency, you must have purchased, registered or leased 1 new vehicle (any make or model) in the agency name during the current model year or within the last 12 months. OR currently operate a fleet of 3 or more vehicles (owned or leased) in the agency name.

Request a FIN Code

To request a FIN Code and learn more about becoming a Ford Fleet customer, please visit the Register section of the website

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